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Hello and welcome! I'm very pleased you've found me.


I have just released what is officially my second album, 

although I feel like it's the first one I've done properly!

The album is called "Love Madness".

It is made up of twelve songs - six about love, six about madness, 

and all of them kind of about the relationship between the two.


You can listen on Spotify or it is available for download in all the usual spots -,, iTunes, CD Baby etc. 


If you would like a physical copy of the CD, 

you can buy one directly from me HERE

Or, if you live closer to the USA, it might be faster for you to use CD Baby.

The album artwork turned out beautifully, thanks to Lukas Betlach.

And there is a surprise of a little hummingbird on the CD itself, painted by Ursula Campbell.

So, if you're the kind of person who still likes to have a CD in your hand, as I am, 

you could do worse than to pick one up!



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You will receive a download of my first album, "Through the Door",

which isn't half-bad really, as a thank you!


I hope you enjoy the music - 

comments & suggestions are welcome:




Marie x