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I made it! I am back in/on the Emerald Isle, drove all the way from Bristol!

(except for the Pembroke to Rosslare leg, I figured I'd let the ferry-crew take care of that). 

So, at the moment, I'm at my folks' place in Dunboyne, but I'm hoping to move into Dublin sooner rather than later.

And my plan is to stay in Ireland for the foreseeable future - basically, it's time to stop moving around and actually try to build up a following in one place, before eventually taking over the world :)


So, I've started off on the right foot, I think - I played the Sureshot sessions in Doyles on Halloween night, 


Now, it was only their second week running, so it's early days & it wasn't very well-attended, 

but I met some nice people: Jane (Janneke) Willow, John Hughes and Andy Earley were also on the bill.


Then, I had very good intentions of attending the Music Makers meet-up in McGrattan's Bar last night, 

but it was very cold & rainy, so I decided to stay home instead and design a poster to be used for future gigs, 

here it is


let me know what you think, in the comments section.

What else?

Well, I've put up ads for band members on a number of different websites - boards, gumtree, joinmyband, musolist - I think that's it. I've had a couple of responses so far but not as many as I would have liked. Of course, it's more about quality than quantity, and I did get a nice compliment (someone said I was gorgeous! I should probably tell them the photos I use are all really old now, but why burst their bubble?!)

Also, I did a bit of sean-nós shopping - there's a nice traditional music shop on Middle Abbey St. and the lady there pointed me in the direction of an album by Síle ní Fhlaithearta called "Is Duitse a Bheirim Grá" ("I Bestow my Love on You"). Her voice has a nice tone and the songs don't seem too difficult (and the lyrics came with it - ah, the joys of the cd inlay card, lost with itunes!), so I'm gonna try my hand at reproducing them myself. Everyone seems to enjoy "Mo Ghile Mear" when I sing it, and I'd love to master "Aisling Ghear" as well as Maura o' Connell does it. I found the lyrics for it, if anyone is looking for them.

While I'm at the auld Irish, I might as well mention that I have volunteered my services at Raidió na Life 106.4FM, although they have, so far, ignored me. And I thought I did really well with my e-mail, I checked it all out on Google Translate and everything*. Ah well, b'fhéidir go bhfuil siad an-ghnóthach ag an am seo (they might be a bit busy).

Finally, when I left the trad shop, I headed on down the road (in search of Korean food) and stumbled upon the Twisted Pepper, which I have known about for ages and ages but never been in. Anyway, I only mention it because they had some copies of the Gypsy Rebel Rabble's "Live @ Sweeney's" CD and I got a hold of one. These guys are pretty good - I first heard them one Friday afternoon, maybe a year and a half ago. I was walking down Dame Lane and I heard a fair racket coming from Sweeney's so I wandered in, and stayed for the whole set and always tried to catch them whenever I was in town on a Friday after that. They are very energetic, they have pretty much all the (bluegrass) instruments covered, they have some great harmonies going on, and they do a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "The Chain"  - sure I'd be a fan for that reason alone!

That'll do pig, that'll do.

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