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Hey folks,

I nearly have a band. Now, I'm trying not to get too ahead of myself because so far we've only had one rehearsal. But, it went very well. Basically, after years of "trying to put a band together", I was at a hen party in Gaillimh (Galway), and got chatting to the bride-to-be and one of the bridesmaids, who play flute and piano respectively, and we figured we'd get together in Jenny's (bridesmaid/piano) gaff for an auld jam and see how things went.

And, as I said, they went pretty good - we worked on a few of my songs ("The Last Line", "Follow the Sound" and "The Brightest Star") and a couple of covers aswell (there's always time for some Joni Mitchell in my opinion!). Jenny's hubbie, Steve, who plays bass, joined us too and it all sounded great. And Steve has been playing the last while with a couple of guitarists who would have joined us for our second rehearsal (potentially with a drummer called handsome Mark, who apparently is that handsome) except things were called to a halt, as Jenny went into labour and had a very very very cute little baby girl, named Marlena.

So, things are on a bit of a hiatus while Marlena gets settled into the world, but everyone is very enthusiastic and we'll hopefully all get together soon again. I think we have potential!

In the meantime, I've been open mic-ing as much as possible. I've played Tuesday nights in O' Donoghues (on Suffolk St.) fairly regularly, I also had a featured slot at The Monday Echo at the International Bar, and last night, I went to Velocoustic at The Black Sheep for the first ime, which is a lovely little set-up in a very nice room and has a bar upstairs with lots of interesting beers.

I have also decided to put my beautiful hummingbird guitar (Hummy to his friends) out of its misery. No, I'm not going to set fire to it. I'm going to shell out the €200/300 to get it fixed. It seems like a lot of money but, in fairness, I should have taken better care of it. And, if I was to get another guitar instead, I would want the exact same guitar again and it would cost a hell of a lot more than €200. So, wish it well, it's off to the guitar-hospital with it tomorrow.

And, with that, she was gone...

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