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And they said it couldn't be done! Or maybe it was just that I thought it couldn't be done :)

Either way, I have made it to Bristol in time for summer fun & festivals.

I have a new job, new house, new car, new phone & other assorted new things (like deodarant, friends and a big coffee-table book on Fleetwood Mac). The job is grand, although it does involve a lot of early mornings, which is requiring a wee bit of adjustment on my part. The house is very cool, and comes with three lovely housemates & a couple of colourful hammocks in the back yard, always good. The car is great and runs well, and I've been driving so much that I am no longer terrified behind the wheel, thanks be to jaysus, cos it was ridiculous there for a while. And the phone is fancy, far too fancy for me really, although I'm delighted I can tune into Irish radio wherever I go now.

So, the music, you ask? Well, your guess is as good as mine! Ah no, I have been focused a bit on work for the last while, just until I get the hang of things. But I have played at the open mic in The Arts House in Stokes Croft - it's on every Thursday night and is hosted by my mate, Jeremy Toombs, and is usually a good mix of poetry, music and whatever you're having yourself!

But, it's time for me to reach out to "those in the know" and try to get some proper gigs now. So, I've contacted a few folks on facebook & hopefully something will come of that.

As soon as anything exciting happens, you'll be the first to know!

Slán anois xxx


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