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Well hello there, long time no talkie :)

Hope ye're all keeping well and happy, 

I always find the change into autumn rather melancholy, but I kinda love it too, 

crunching leaves and feeling the chill in the air, makes me a bit giddy!


So, I was off work today and I managed to catch a documentary on Sky Arts 1, 

about Janis Joplin and Big Brother & the Holding Company.

The bit that stuck with me was that when each band member recounted the day

that Janis came in for the first time, they each said she was wearing something different.

That'll be the LSD :) or Alzheimer's...or LSD-induced Alzheimer's (if such a thing exists).


Right, that's enough idle chitter-chatter, here's the news...

I've been playing a good few sessions over the last couple of months.

A friend of mine Damian Richardson of Dayo & the Swingfolk-fame got in touch

and asked me if I'd like to play in McNeills on Capel St. with him & some of his friends.

And I said "Yes".

So, we play there every second Sunday night.

We also got a Friday night session every week in Big's Bar on Ellis Quay, 

which is great craic and has a really nice vibe (and they've got a pool table too!)


Now, you may recall that I had had one session jamming with my new band.

But, when it came to our second rehearsal,

we were scuppered by the arrival of baby Marlena :)

Anyway, I've been in touch with Mammy (Jenny-who plays piano)

and she reckons it might be about time to give it another go.

We have a tentative plan to get together next weekend

so I will definitely be in touch to let you know how it goes.

It really did feel pretty good the last time so fingers crossed!


Gotta go, hafta have some grub before I head down to Big's Bar - see you there?

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