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Yeah, so i'm supposed to be updating this 'news' at least once a week

but, as you can see, my last entry was in October - not good enough Conniffe!

anyways, you'd imagine with all the time that has lapsed, i might have something to say for myself,

we'll see...

Well, for starters, my beautiful, musically-endowed friends, Rebecca & Jeremy, got hitched in November.

There are links to both of their websites under my 'links' page - you should check them out.

The ceremony was really lovely, with a Star Wars theme tune at the end that wasn't lame or anything!

And our friend, Leo, sang 'South America Song', which he & Jeremy wrote - well I won't tell you where -

but it was inspired by Rebecca, and it's on The Remedy's website which I have also provided a link to.

Snow, Christmas, snow, more snow...

In the meantime, I've been learning to drive, taking a break during the aforementioned snow.

I even sat my driving test about a week ago, but I failed...sob.

Ah well, first time and everything. Next time, hopefully.

Although, the point is, if you're here, you probably want to know what I'm doing musically.

And, the answer is, shag all.

I haven't been writing songs, I haven't been playing open mics, I've barely been busking,

Which is probably why I haven't been in touch more.

I did meet up with a band - they're called Jupiter & the Infinite (

And I think we have potential working together, they seem like a nice bunch of lads,

They seem to have their shit together too, they have a couple of festivals and stuff lined up,

which would be deadly to be a part of, so we'll see how that pans out.

I bought a little mp3 recorder - the sound quality isn't the best, but it's good for getting ideas down

And I've done a few recordings with it, some of which I might stick up here at some point.

One is the Bob Dylan song, made famous by Adele, "To Make You Feel My Love", 

If anyone has any requests for my version of a particular song,

just drop me a line & I will try to make it happen.

Ok, that should just about do for now,

Except, time is running out for free downloads from this site -

Well, some songs will still be available for free,

But, I'm arranging to sell my music with cdbaby,

I'm just trying to figure out the cover art,

So, to quote Janis "Get It While You Can"

Right, slán for now, hopefully you'll hear from me again soon x

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