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Cos I miss The Hummingbird!! - my guitar has been in the guitar hospital for far too long now.

I'm starting to get a bit worried. I mean I am mainly concerned for Hummy's well-being

but I can't deny that I'm a tad concerned at the potential expense - I don't have guitar health insurance.

Anyway, I've phoned the guy a few times now & am waiting impatiently for a response, 

gonna call in in person Monday morning and I really hope it'll be ready

cos I'm playing in Whelans for the first time ever on Monday evening, 

and I want my own guitar!!!


In other news, I had the pleasure of hanging out with a couple of friends of my friend, Jeremy, 

a Mr. John Fairhurst and his partner-in-crime Mr. Joe Strouzer, 

They're on tour around Ireland, a grand pair of lads, and extremely talented musicians - 

I caught their gigs in Whelans and in Sweeneys last Thursday, 11th July, a great night had by all :)


Was on my way to the Addison Lodge last night for their open mic, 

when I got a call from a friend who was there, saying it wasn't on because it's a bi-weekly event.

So, there I was all dressed up and nowhere to go, with my guitar on my back.

And, what do you do when you can't think of anything else?

Well, what I do is...I go busking!!!

Didn't have my busking-stool, so I just plonked myself down on the ground outside HMV on Grafton St. 

and tried to ignore how uncomfortable I was.

It was actually probably my first time busking properly at night, 

I thought people might be more generous in the moonlight, 

but it turns out I was mistaken :(

Still, I made about €20, which is €20 more than I had before I started. 


Am going to put it towards guitar lessons.

People who don't play the guitar at all think I can play the guitar.

Anyone, who knows anything, is well aware that I am just winging it.

So, I have decided to seek help at last.

I should be having my first lesson (since I was about 14) sometime this week, 

I'll let yiz know how it goes.


Ciao for now!


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