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So, at the moment, I'm trying to broaden my repertoire of Irish folk songs.

I'm tackling "The Lakes of Pontchartrain" (dunno who wrote it, no one seems to know).

There's a lovely version here by Paul Brady from 1977 (helped out by Andy Irvine).





I'm also refreshing my knowledge of "Mo Ghile Mear" (by Seán Clárach Mac Dhomhnaill c. 1691-1757), 

which is a lament for Bonnie Prince Charlie, who was then in exile.

AND, who provided the inpiration for Will Oldham to record some of his albums

under the name Bonnie 'Prince' Billy (he liked the "mellifluous* sound")

And I'm determined to learn "Ar Éireann, ní neosfainn cé hí",

no matter how little understanding I have of the words.

Here's Liam Clancy being deadly as usual:





I've also been re-reading a book my granny gave me when I was 8,

called "Irish Tales & Sagas" by Ulick o' Connor.

It tells the stories of King Conor & the Red Branch Knights, 

and the Children of Lir and St. Patrick among others.

I was hoping to get some inspiration for writing & I still might.

In the meantime, I've nicked a poem by Sir Samuel Ferguson (1810-1886), 

(well, technically the copyright is now lapsed - 70 years after the death of the author), 

Yeats called him "the greatest poet Ireland ever produced", and he'd know!

Anyway, the poem is about Deirdre of the Sorrows.

It's called "Deirdre's Lament for the Sons of Usnach", 

and I've set it to music, although I might have to whittle it down a bit - 

there are a lot of verses to remember, even for me :)

So, that's about it, 

The P.A. system has gone back to the shop to be repaired or replaced.

No one has responded to my Hot Press ad, as of yet - sob.

The driving is progressing VERY slowly.

Slán anois/ bye now.

* 'mellifluous' means 'flows like honey' (i had to look it up)

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