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Ok well the news is that I've revamped my website!

That was a fairly half-hearted exclamation point if I do say so myself.

I'm a bit bitter if I'm honest - I was quite happy with my old site - It was simple, straightforward & I didn't know any better. Then, hostbaby decided to start a new site builder & to abandon any new developments with the old one I had been using.

So, I swapped over. The problem being that I wanted to keep the basic elements (photos etc.) from my old site but they didn't really fit with many of the new themes that were provided. So, overall, it looks a bit crap. I could probably get over the other flaws if I could just move the Marie Conniffe title down to the bottom right-hand-corner of the hummingbird banner image so that it stood out properly but apparently there's no way to do that, God damnit!

Anyway, enough boring jibber-jabber - what's going on?

Well, not much at the moment - my main occupation is 'looking for a job in Bristol'. I've been at home far too long and I'm itching to get going and get playing live more - I've kind of taken the foot of the pedal with regard to looking for gigs here in Ireland. Also, my friends, Rebecca & Jeremy are in Bristol, and they seem to be having fun & performing lots so I'm thinking it's the place to be.

In the meantime, I am going to try to make a bit more of an effort on the live front - There's an open mic type thing called The Song Room in The Globe on George's St. every Wednesday so I'm gonna contact the guy in charge & see if he'll let me perform a few tunes some time soon.


Also, there might be a couple of radio appearances coming up, I'll let you know when I have more information - Watch this space!

Oh yeah, I did go do that tour of Italy, just in case anyone's keeping score. It was fun and Italy's beautiful, but I'd much prefer to be touring with a band than by myself. Maybe in Bristol, things will come together.

Catch yiz again soon!


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