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so the big news since I wrote to yiz last is that I've become an auntie!

hooray for baby girl Mia Caitríona Conniffe!

she's so tiny! but very cute :) 

In the music world, I played in Fibber Magee's

at the Dublin heat of the mytunerox 'battle of the bands' competition.

The gig went well, and folks said some nice things about me,

but it came down to a text-vote in the end, 

and I think, as a solo artist, I was at a bit of a disadvantage, 

you know, the more band members you have,

the more friends you can convince to vote for you!

So, I didn't qualify for the final, 


In the same way that I keep starting books & not finishing them, 

I seem to have gotten into the annoying habit of starting to write songs, 

and then just wandering off & forgetting about them.

It's not a huge problem, cos I already have a lot of material, 

that needs to be recorded, but I'm pretty bored with most of it at this stage, 

and it'd be nice to have some fresh songs in my repertoire.

So, I should be good & keep plugging away at the ones that need finishing.

In fact I might head & do a bit of that now.

And, in case you're interested...

I have my first driving lesson (since 2006) on Tuesday - eek!

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