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the other day, as I was typing my last attempt at a blog entry,

'twas on TG4, who I was praising for their generally-very-good choice of programming, 

when the feckin' computer just gave up, and I was just about to sign off & everything.

So, nothing was saved - it's ok - I don't think I had said anything too important, 

I was just going on about how it's great it is when John Cusack utters the line

"Marie's a terrific woman", 

like I know he's not talking about me, 

but it's still great :)

So, what's new? Well, I've started drinking lemon & ginger in water, that's going well, 

No, with regards to the music Marie, you nob, 

Em, I don't have a lot of actual news,

I've been plugging away at trying to find a band or put one together, 

I've been scouring boards & gumtree and putting ads up everywhere, 

But, I've nothing set in stone yet, although there's a few potential opportunities a' knockin'

In the meantime, I've been playing solo when I can, 

I've moved into Drumcondra now which makes it easier to get in and out of town, 

I've played at the open mic at The Monday Echo, and The Song Room at The Globe, and last Thursday I played at the new open mic in Fibbers on the Quays - that last one was poorly-attended which is a shame cos all pints are only €4. I guess it's just a bit of a walk off the beaten track, and not that many folk know about it yet.


Eh, that's it, 


Sorry, I know news is thin on the ground, I just wanted ye to know I was thinking of yiz x


June 29, 2013 @03:36 pm I know what you mean, when Bonnie Raitt sings 'the Nick of Time', there is a part of me that hears my name with a Doctor Who-esque title. Do a Thursday gig, so we can troop over after work and not worry about school the next day. Nick

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