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The Chalice

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Marie Conniffe
Marie Conniffe


This song was recorded with the help of Neil Sweeney, in Mutiny Studios in Dublin late on the night of Saturday, 26th April 2014. I'm about to enter it into the IMRO Christie Hennessy Song Competition 2015 so wish me luck!


The Chalice


It’s so hard to feel my own heartbeat

When I’ve written you into my life

And, in heaven, I knew where you came from

Made me trip and fall onto your knife


And, in truth, I have felt my own failings

And the pain of becoming your ghost

And, for sure, I knew not that you loved me

But I thought that you liked me the most



And I wonder what the spirits will say

When they drink their drinks and start to sway

Will they say “Well she tried her best,

But the river ran from the forest”

And they will say “It’s such a shame

To lose the plot and draw the game”

But forever’s not what it used to mean

And you’ll never know what we’ve never been


Da da dada da dada da etc.




And maybe there is no way out

But to raise the chalice to your mouth

And drink until you feel the truth

The way it felt within your youth


Cos I will never take your name

But I will never be the same

I don’t feel the fight inside no more

But you’ll need the ball

If you want to score



Da da dada da dada etc.














Copyright © 2012 Marie Conniffe