From the recording Through the Door

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The Door

I want to wind a net to catch me when I fall
I want a flag to fly to tell me when you call
I want an olive branch delivered to the ark
I want to fall upon your body in the dark

I wear a mask that looks at you with tears
And wants to know the lovin’ that it fears
But I’m scared of getting lost & breaking down
And dreamin’ how to find the nearest town

You’re not a man that I have never loved
I met you and my heart was hand in glove
C’mon, it’s getting late, it’s time to go,
I want to go someplace that I don’t know

Well, I’m more or less than what you saw of me
I’m letting loose, I’m shipping out to sea,
Well, baby, don’t you want to sail with me?
Let’s go and be the people we could be
Let’s go and be the people we could be

Cos I don’t want to hang around
Until you’ve seen through me
So I’m hiding here till I am found,
But I’m waiting on my knees
I’m waiting on my knees

Well, I’ve never travelled down this road before
This love is one that I have never wore
Don’t leave me still and happy on the floor
Grab my arm and pull me through the door

Copyright © 2005 Marie Conniffe