1. The Last Line

From the recording Through the Door

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The Last Line

I can see what you’re made of
But that don’t, don’t explain it all,
As I’m lying here beside you,
It’s the little things that I recall,
What you were wearing, you were all I could see,
You were caring, but you never cared for me,
And the night sky shone down on us all,
I blew a kiss to the moon,
And, into your arms, I crawled.

I bite down, and the raw skin is broken,
Then I sit back, and I bleed for a while,
I am scared to look out, when the window is open,
I don’t wanna fall, I’ve already been falling for miles,
And lifetimes are dreams that we’ll never remember,
At least that’s how it seems at the end of December,
And I am made out of magic that you can’t understand,
But, in the deepest of darkness,
I’d still know the shape of your hand

Copyright © 2008 Marie Conniffe