From the recording Through the Door

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The Brightest Star

I’m surrounded by the people who need time to lose their faith
I’m confounded by the reasons why the light is getting late
I could try to cast a shadow on the clock that sings the rhyme
I could try to tell the time to tell the time

And it’s always the brightest star that keeps coming back for more
And it’s always your smilin’ face that I see when I peer round the door
And I’d fly to you forever if you’d show me your watch when I land
And I know that I am lucky to be your friend

He kept rhymin’ and stepwritin’ what he knew to be the truth
He was headstrong and strong-headed in his youth
But, for all his foolish pranks, well he was always giving thanks
And I knew that he was beauty more than proof


She’s a happy face who wandered out onto a cloudy day
She’s got painted toes that tell you that her love has gone away
And I never really knew her, it just wasn’t meant to be,
But I knew that, just like magic, she was made out of me


We are endless turning pages for the woman in the shoe
We can see ourselves within the witches’ brew
And the brightest star is guided by the lighters up above
And I know that, in our own way, we’re in love

(keeps me coming back for more...)

Copyright © 2006 Marie Conniffe