1. I Feel Better

From the recording Through the Door

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I Feel Better

The way you look at me in the darkness
Makes me feel like I am shining
And I listen to your stories
As our bodies are entwining

And every time you touch me
It melts my tears away
And I feel better everyday

I watch you waving through my window
And I count all the ways you know me
And I am thankful for tomorrows
I’ll look for all the love you show me

And there are times when you aren’t with me
I get tired and I miss you
But then I hear your voice in the distance
And I can’t wait until I kiss you

And I am frightened by forever
I worry that I’ll lose the game
But then you pick me up in an instant
When you’re near me, I can love the rain


Copyright © 2008 Marie Conniffe