1. Ripe for Love

From the recording Through the Door

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Ripe for Love

You tried to lead me to the edge
I said “I’m not afraid to swim”
You left my hand now burning red
So sure that I would jump right in
And so it happens every time
I close my eyes and feel for you
I count the stars, I count the signs,
To all that we could turn into

And I was looking to the sun
To wash the blood the blood from off my face
And I’m not thinking we are one
I think we’re from another place
But all these knots you’ve left inside of me
Break off from place to place
And “All these things that I have done”
Just puts a smile upon my face

So, if you want me, let me know,
Let’s head out into the night
Cos I am ready for this show
My lips are red, my face is white,
Look around, the rainbow’s high
Blue and orange is above
Down below is fuel for life,
All around is ripe for love

I hear the poets singing to
The foolish parts inside that melt
Crawl up my ears and down into
The way that life can just be felt
And, now I know that was has been is not
It’s not what’s yet to come
Oh, how can we shed a tear
Before the setting of the sun?


Copyright © 2006 Marie Conniffe