From the recording Through the Door

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Water in the Sky

There is water in the sky
As sure as time goes by and by
And, for the love of you and I,
I’d dance forever
Because I’ve lived out on the land
In the water, and on the sand,
So long as I can hold your hand
You’ll be my river

Chorus: And it’s hard, it’s oh so hard
But I’m just tryin’ to find a way to live without you
You make me feel like I am going somewhere
And, yet, you let me know I’m home

I want to show you round the farm
And feel your hand upon my arm
And I’d succumb to all your charms
And you don’t even have to try
If you would out your arms around me,
I’d be oh so glad you found me
And the sunshine would surround me
And I’d never ever cry


Well you’ve left me feeling blue
And there’s nothing left to do
And I am dreaming heavy boots
Across the river
And I’m not used to giving in
But this is one hand I can’t win
Cos, in your arms, I’ve felt
The meaning of forever


Copyright © 2008 Marie Conniffe