1. It's Christmas

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It's Christmas

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Released: 1st December 2023

Music & lyrics - Marie Conniffe

Producers - David Virgin, Rohan Healy & Al Quiff

Vocals - Marie Conniffe

Acoustic guitar - Rohan Healy

Electric guitar - Rohan Healy

Electric bass - Rohan Healy

Drums - Al Quiff

Recorded at Beardfire Music Dublin


It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas
And so we catch up with old friends
But if you’re shopping or if you’re selling
It’s like the queues will never end

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas
It’s time to decorate the tree
It’s Christmas, it’s time to highlight
All the films that we want to see

It’s Christmas, I know my brothers will rip
The cover off the RTÉ Guide
And a hot port or a hot toddy
Will keep you warm and snuggly inside

And Baby Jesus is peeking out from behind the crib
He’ll show his face on the night that Santa’s gonna clean the chimney for free
And the three wise men are making their way across the living room floor, to the open door
It doesn’t get much better than this!

It’s Christmas, we’ll have our pudding
With some Bailey’s and ice-cream
As if we weren’t already busting out
Along every single seam

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas
And so we spend all our hard-earned money
But if we’re lucky or if we borrow
We’ll make it to the end of January

It’s Christmas, it’s time to wonder
If all your neighbours are completely insane
With all the energy that they are wasting
And yet it wouldn’t be right to complain

Well not to their faces anyway
But you could do it in a song
Yeah that wouldn’t be wrong
Although some might consider it a tad on the sneaky side

It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas
Let’s be happy just to be alive
Cos every day is another bonus
And it won’t be long till the swallows arrive

It’s Christmas, we’ll put on Christmas FM
And have a little dance
Along to Wizard, Slade or Clifford,
Or maybe me, given half a chance!

It’s Christmas
It’s Christmas
It’s Christmas
It’s Christmas